Calls for Speakers At The Annual Knowledge Management Summit 2019

Deadline: Call for Speakers closes on May 30, 2019

Session Formats
The 45-minute sessions will be delivered in a variety of formats for all learning styles as outlined below. *New this year, a few 90-minute hands-on workshop sessions may be added.

Continuous Learning Philosophy
ACKMP believes learning is a progression, not simply the transfer of information from an expert to a learner. To uphold this philosophy, ACKMP actively seeks speakers who possess the following key qualities:

  • Command of Subject Matter: Each speaker is chosen based on his or her expertise in a specific content area.
  • Willingness to Teach: While command of the subject is essential, it is not the entire picture. Speakers should enjoy teaching and be willing to put forth effort to create a memorable learning experience.
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills: The ability to read and react to audiences is a prerequisite for a good communicator. Effective speakers and moderators are most concerned with what the audience is learning.
  • Effective Listening Skills: Good listeners use reflective listening techniques before responding to a question from the audience. This ensures that the speaker or moderator understands what is being asked and validates to the learners they are being heard.
  • Use of Sound Instructional Methods: Adults learn more when they are actively involved. ACKMP asks that all speakers and instructors find ways to increase involvement and interactivity of participants.
  • Willingness to Improve: Speakers will receive feedback based on evaluations from the participants, audience comments, and observation.

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