Dr. Bola Boasmanboon

Dr. Bola Boasmanboon

Dr. Bola Boasmanboon

MBA, DBA, CDFM-A, CPKM | Voice of America


Dr. Bola Boasmanboon, MBA, DBA, CDFM-A, CPKM


Certification Board of Regents (CBOR)®

Dr. Bola Boasmanboon comes with a wealth of experience and expertise, and she is the Certification Board of Regents (CBOR)® Chairperson and has oversight on the operations and the direction of the CBOR® which is the governing board of the Association of Certified Knowledge Management Professionals (ACKMP)®.

She is a decorated Army Veteran with over a decade of Financial Management experience.  She started her career as a Logistics Specialist and later received her commission in the United States Army as a Financial Management Officer in 2003.  Prior to starting her career at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) – Voice of America (VOA) in September 2014, she held several positions within the Department of Defense (Army, Air Force, and the Marine Corps) as a Budget Officer/Property Book Officer, Deputy Disbursing Officer, and as the Financial Manager for the only network and cyber defense company in the United States Marine Corps.  Dr. Bola Boasmanboon is a Certified Defense Financial Manager with Acquisition (CDFM-A) and also holds an MBA in Finance and the Doctors of Business Administration in Finance from Walden University.  Dr. Bola Boasmanboon is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Financial Management functional areas.

She is currently the Director of Finance and Resource Management for VOA, and responsible for developing and overseeing the creation and implementation of VOA’s multi-million dollar operation and capital budgets.  She is responsible for monitoring directorate and division-level performances compared to approved budgets, forecasting VOA’s future operating and capital spending needs, and implementing cost-analysis and expense forecasting.  She also assists directorate and division managers in the administration of their respective budgets by establishing and reinforcing procedures and controls for all spending while forecasting VOA resource requirements and overseeing financial functions within VOA.